Introducing the HP-E406BN headphones: where cutting-edge technology meets modern elegance in design. Cloaked in a sophisticated deep blue hue, these headphones are a declaration of professional style and exquisite taste. Every detail is meticulously crafted, from the unique geometric patterns gracing the ear cups to the adjustable headband, blending personality with comfort.

The premium ear pads don’t just speak to the fine texture but promise comfort for prolonged wear. The touch control panel is seamlessly integrated into the elegant design, ensuring functionality and style coexist in harmony. Moreover, the special stress-relief structure and lightweight design of the headphones marry modern aesthetics with advanced technology, creating a comfortable listening experience that also reduces fatigue.

The HP-E406BN is more than just a sound conduit; its design and features make it a highlight of your daily ensemble and an indispensable companion for your commutes and travels. With active noise cancellation, cVc call noise reduction, touch operation, support for LE-Audio, and a special stress-relief structure, these features are not just functional—they are the hallmarks of the HP-E406BN’s distinctiveness, a promise of unmatched sound quality paired with incomparable design. Experience this fusion of top-tier craftsmanship and technology, and bring a touch of refinement to your every day.

  • poil02
    Advanced Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)
  • Support for LE-Audio for superior audio transmission and power efficiency
  • Clear Voice Capture (cVc) for noise reduction during calls
  • Special Stress-Relief Structure designed for extended wear and comfort
  • Intuitive Touch Controls
  • LC3 Dongle @72x-8
    LE-Audio USB-C Transmitter for high-quality audio streaming